Hear the birds

Hear the birds

biodiverse & beautiful.

If you’re fed up of seeing a lawn and a fence you’re not alone – but imagine seeing plants, glistening in the sunlight. Trees rustling, bees buzzing around you. Everywhere the hum of wildlife.

This type of garden improves your sense of wellbeing, de-stresses and re-energises, all while helping the environment. 

Even tiny gardens can have a big impact on our wellbeing when designed well. They can have a big impact on the environment too, many small gardens together help to create flyways and habitat highways. As Greta Thunberg said, small really can make a difference.

Make it yours

Perhaps you feel like your garden isn’t really you. Maybe you’ve inherited a garden that isn’t your style, but you’re not quite sure how you need to change it?

Express yourself through your garden. Let your favourite colours, textures and plants grow around you making it a space that is truly you. Not sure about your favourite colours? No problem – we can help you find them. Just like with clothes, there’s a garden style to suit everyone.

We will help you to discover a garden style that suits you and your lifestyle. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure it’s tip-top for wildlife too.

What we do

If you want to spend more time in the garden but you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Perhaps you need a garden update, a new design, or an idea of where to put plants, but you’re not sure where to start. We have a number of ways to help.

We create personalised garden designs that you can implement yourself with a bit of digging and planting, or with the help of a landscaper. Your plan will incorporate all your favourites, with our ideas. It will be beautiful and biodiverse.

Your beautiful garden – one that you can relax in, that isn’t too much maintenance and that you can spend quality time in with your family, is just a click away!

ways to work with us

Garden design

Let us design your beautiful and biodiverse garden! There are a range of options to suit all budgets and gardening expertise.

Garden consultation

Test the water with an initial consultation – £150+VAT (taken off the design cost if you go ahead with us)

Get tips and advice

We have an active Instagram account where we post ideas for inspiration on natural, biodiverse gardens do take a look.

How it works

What we do, what you do

You send us your list of priorities – must haves and nice to haves, particular plants you love. Let us know which bits bother you, which bits you love.

We will send you a detailed questionnaire which will help you to understand your own priorities and help us to design something tailored to you.

You send us photos and overall dimensions of your garden, we can do the rest using google earth.*

We will send you a plan of what it could become and a Pinterest mood board with suggested planting combinations for different areas.

You get digging and buying plants to fill those new beds.

What you get

A beautiful garden for years to come. A garden that is good for the environment, has colourful plants in the right place and won’t be hard to maintain.

What it costs

Designed for just £950+VAT If you would also like a 3D sketch – this would be £1,250+VAT N.B. This price is for a small garden up to 5m x 15m approx

*We may need to include a survey (at additional cost) if levels are tricky or there are other complexities

If you’d like to find out more about how it works or you’re keen to get started please do get in touch, we are always delighted to talk to you.

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